Remembrance Day 2011

September 19th, 2011

Image of individuals singing next to a monumentThe 9th annual Remembrance Day will be held at sites across California on September 19th. Remembrance Day is held on the third Monday of September each year to remember and honor people who lived and died  while residing in state institutions. Please join us as we remember our peers who have long been forgotten.

Scheduled Participating Sites Include:

Agnews Developmental Center        
Camarillo, CA
Metropolitan State Hospital  
Napa State Hospital       
Parkview Cemetery, Manteca
Patton State Hospital             
Porterville Developmental Center   
Sonoma Developmental Center             
Stockton Rural Cemetery        
Ukiah Valley Cemetery                                                                              

For more information or to volunteer contact:
Alicia Mendoza, Disability Rights California
CMP Representative at (916) 488-7787